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Andréa Matsunaga
ORCID: 0000-0001-9036-5895

Andréa Matsunaga

I'm currently an SDE at Amazon. Previously, I was an Assistant Research Professor at the Advanced Computing and Information Systems (ACIS) Laboratory. While at UF, I worked on the NSF-funded iDigBio project, contributing with my experience on cloud computing, machine learning, application virtualization, web services, relational databases, design of middleware architectures and development of web-based infrastructures for digital government and a variety of science disciplines, including bioinformatics, materials sciences, nanoelectronics, neuroscience and digital government. In iDigBio, I was responsible for conducting IT research, with focus on my areas of interest: distributed computing, autonomic computing, and data management. In the HuMaIN project, I was the Principal Investigator on combining Human- and Machine-oriented processes. My NSF grants while at UF are listed below, and those have been transferred to Dr. Fortes.

I got my Ph.D degree from the University of Florida under Dr. Fortes's guidance. As research assistant at ACIS, I worked on different projects, namely: ACIS/AIMS information system, In-VIGO Grid middleware, Transnational Digital Government, In-VIGO/nanoHUB collaboration, In-VIGO/ICBR/UF-HPC collaboration, ACIS/Whitney Laboratories collaboration, Atomic-scale Friction Research and Education Synergy Hub and CloudBLAST.

I'm also on the ACIS team working on the DARPA Restoring Plasticity and Acceleration of Injury Recovery (REPAIR) program, in particular, to investigate middleware solutions for remote execution of brain models on high-performance computers to improve our ability to model and interface with the brain. For more information go to: [1].

Past Projects

  • HuMAIN Project (ACI-1535086) - The HuMaIN project proposes to conduct research and develop the following software elements: (a) configurable Machine-Learning applications for scientific data digitization (e.g., Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Processing), which will be made automatically available as RESTful services for increasing the ability of HuMaIN software elements to interoperate with other elements while decreasing the software development time via a new application specification language; (b) workflows leading to a cyber-human coordination system that will take advantage of feedback loops (e.g., based on consensus of crowdsourced data and its quality) for self-adaptation to changes and increased sustainability of the overall system, (c) new crowdsourcing micro-tasks with ability of being reusable for a variety of scenarios and containing user activity sensors for studying time-effective user interfaces, and (d) services to support automated creation and configuration of crowdsourcing workflows on demand to fit the needs of individual groups.
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  • iDigBio Project (EF-1115210) - The Home Uniting Biocollections (HUB) established and funded by the NSF Advancing Digitization of Biological Collections (ADBC). ADBC is a national effort to support digitization of all vouchered biological and paleontological collections housed in US institutions. iDigBio coordinates this challenging undertaking by fostering partnerships, training, and innovations, and serving as a central site for integrating data and techniques, and establishing cohesion and interconnectivity among all the digitization projects, especially with Thematic Collections Networks (TCNs). The resource will provide access to information critical to scientific research and education, including that designed to understand biodiversity and societal consequences of climate change and other environmental issues.
  • RAPID Thailand Project (CNS-1240171) - investigates the effectiveness of virtualized Internet data centers on improving IT service continuity during and after a disaster through virtual machines (VM) live migration and backup/checkpointing, conducting research on the use of virtualization technologies. These technologies enable mitigating and recovering from the impact of catastrophic events on IT infrastructures and the services they deliver. Working with Thammasat University in Thailand, Internet Data Centers (IDCs) will be leveraged as disaster recovering sites, where government and corporate data can be backed up and operational servers can be temporarily located in order to provide high-availability and resiliency for the organizations' operations and services.
  • DARPA REPAIR Project - investigates middleware to support parallel MATLAB-based models in online real-time BMI experiments.
  • Prediction Project - investigates the use of machine learning algorithms to predict the time and resources consumed by applications
  • Atomic-scale Friction Research and Education Synergy Hub (AFRESH) Project - development of a wiki-based cyberinfrastructure for the atomic-scale friction research community
  • CloudBLAST Project - combining machine and network virtualization with MapReduce across Science Clouds to attain a scalable virtual cluster for running NCBI BLAST
  • In-VIGO ICBR Project - a collaboration with Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR) at the University of Florida, developing a web portal for bioinformatics applications such as Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) that facilitates the use of resources in the University of Florida High Performance Computing Center.



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  • Matsunaga, Andréa; Mast, Austin; and Fortes, José A. B., “Workforce-efficient consensus in crowdsourced transcription of biocollections information,” Future Generation Computer Systems, 2015. DOI:10.1016/j.future.2015.07.004. [Abstract]
  • Deck, John; Guralnick, Robert; Walls, Ramona; Blum, Stanley; Haendel, Melissa; Matsunaga, Andréa; and Wieczorek, John, “Meeting report: Identifying practical applications of ontologies for biodiversity informatics,” Standards in Genomic Sciences C7 - 25, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 1-6, 2015. DOI:10.1186/s40793-015-0014-0 [ PDF]
  • Soomro, Sarfaraz; Matsunaga, Andréa; and Fortes, José A.B., "Simplifying Extract-Transform-Load for Ranked Hierarchical Trees via Mapping Specifications," Formalisms for Reuse and Systems Integration, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing T. Bouabana-Tebibel and S. H. Rubin, eds., pp. 203-225: Springer International Publishing, 2015. DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-16577-6_9. [ Abstract]


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  • Lee, Giljae; Matsunaga, Andréa; Dura-Bernal, Salvador; Zhang, Wenjie; Lytton, William; Francis, Joseph; and Fortes, Jose, “Towards real-time communication between in vivo neurophysiological data sources and simulator-based brain biomimetic models,” Journal of Computational Surgery, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 12, 2014. DOI:10.1186/s40244-014-0012-3[ Abstract][ PDF]
  • Matsunaga, Andréa; Mast, Austin; and Fortes, José A.B., "Reaching Consensus in Crowdsourced Transcription of Biocollections Information," in Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE 10th International Conference on e-Science, Guarujá, Brazil: IEEE, 2014, pp. 57-64. DOI:10.1109/eScience.2014.30 [ Abstract][ PDF][ Presentation]
  • Walls, Ramona; Guralnick, Robert; Deck, John; and Matsunaga, Andréa, “A Specimen-based View of the World: Using the Biological Collections Ontology to Model Biodiversity Collections,” in 2014 ICBO Workshop: Starting an OBI-based Biobank Ontology, Houston, TX, USA, 2014, pp. 64-66. [ PDF]
  • Soomro, Sarfaraz; Matsunaga, Andréa; and Fortes, José A.B., “Mapping Specifications for Ranked Hierarchical Trees in Data Integration Systems,” in 2014 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI 2014), San Francisco, California, USA, 2014, pp. 269-276. DOI:10.1109/IRI.2014.7051899[ Abstract][ PDF]
  • Walls, Ramona L.; Deck, John; Guralnick, Robert; Baskauf, Steve; Beaman, Reed; Blum, Stanley; Bowers, Shawn; Buttigieg, Pier Luigi; Davies, Neil; Endresen, Dag; Gandolfo, Maria Alejandra; Hanner, Robert; Janning, Alyssa; Krishtalka, Leonard; Matsunaga, Andréa; Midford, Peter; Morrison, Norman; Tuama, Éamonn Ó.; Schildhauer, Mark; Smith, Barry; Stucky, Brian J.; Thomer, Andrea; Wieczorek, John; Whitacre, Jamie; and Wooley, John, "Semantics in Support of Biodiversity Knowledge Discovery: An Introduction to the Biological Collections Ontology and Related Ontologies," PLoS ONE, vol. 9, no. 3, pp. e89606, 2014. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0089606
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  • Matsunaga, Andréa, Thompson, Alex, Figueiredo, Renato J., Germain-Aubrey, Charlotte C., Collins, Matthew, Beaman, Reed S., MacFadden, Bruce J., Riccardi, Greg, Soltis, Pamela S., Page, Lawrence M., and Fortes, José A.B., "A Computational- and Storage-Cloud for Integration of Biodiversity Collections," in Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE 9th International Conference on e-Science, Beijing, China: IEEE, 2013, pp. 78-87. DOI:10.1109/eScience.2013.48 (acceptance rate: 41%)[ PDF]
  • TDWG 2013 abstracts and presentations:
    • Andréa Matsunaga, Renato Figueiredo, Alex Thompson, Gregory Traub, Reed Beaman, José A. B. Fortes. "Integrated Digitized Biocollections (iDigBio) Cyberinfrastructure Status and Futures," Symposium Big Data Coming From Earth Observation Networks, TDWG 2013 conference, Florence, Italy, Oct 2013. [Abstract][Presentation]
    • Sarfaraz Soomro, Andréa Matsunaga, José Fortes. "iDigBio Data Integration with Self-Referential Schemas," general track, TDWG 2013 conference, Florence, Italy, Oct 2013. [Abstract][Presentation]
    • Alex Thompson, Andréa Matsunaga, José Fortes. "An iDigBio Perspective on Darwin Core Archives," Workshop Darwin Core Archives: beyond star schema, TDWG 2013 conference, Florence, Italy, Oct 2013. [Abstract][Presentation]


  • Fortes, José; Figueiredo, Renato; Matsunaga, Andréa; Thompson, Alex; Collins, Matthew; and Xu, Jiangyan, "Integrated Digitized Biocollections (iDigBio) Cloud-Based Cyberinfrastructure," 27th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, 2012. [ Abstract][ Presentation]


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  • Matsunaga, Andréa; Tsugawa, Maurício; and Fortes, José A.B. 'Scaling-out CloudBLAST: Combining Technologies to BLAST on the Sky'. In the third IEEE International Scalable Computing Challenge (SCALE 2010).


  • Su, S., Fortes, J., Kasad, T. R., Patil, M., Matsunaga, A., Tsugawa, M., Cavalli-Sforza, V., Carbonell, J., Jansen, P., Ward, W., Cole, R., Towsley, D., Chen, W., Antón, A. I., He, Q., McSweeney, C., de Brens, L., Ventura, J., Taveras, P., Connolly, R., Ortega, C., Piñeres, B., Brooks, O., and Herrera, M. 'A prototype system for transnational information sharing and process coordination: system demo'. In Proceedings of the 2004 annual national conference on Digital government research, Seattle, WA, p. 287-288, 2004. PDF


  • NSF grant CNS-1240171: Enabling continued operation of IT services and infrastructures during floods and other disasters. (06/15/2012 - 05/31/2013)
  • Microsoft Azure Offer for Research Institutions from Microsoft Research: Drug discovery on Azure using DOCK; (09/16/2014 - 09/15/2015)
  • NSF grant DBI-1458640: Collaborative Research: ABI Innovation: Connecting resources to enable large-scale biodiversity analyses; (07/15/2015 - 06/30/2018)
  • NSF grant ACI-1535086: SI2-SSE: Human- and Machine-Intelligent Software Elements for Cost-Effective Scientific Data Digitization; (08/01/2015 - 07/31/2018) - HuMaIN website

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Andréa Matsunaga
iDigBio Senior Personnel
Assistant Research Professor, Advanced Computing and Information Systems (ACIS) Laboratory
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida
P.O. Box 116200, 334 Larsen Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611-6200
Tel: (352) 846-2466 Fax: (352) 392-5040
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