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Principal researchers: Andréa Matsunaga and Dr. José A.B. Fortes (ACISUF)
Status: Finished (January 2008-December 2008)

CloudBLAST is made available as a virtual machine (VM) containing all the software necessary (Nimbus+ViNe+Hadoop+BLAST+NR) and can be deployed on the Science Cloud (Nimbus at the University of Chicago, Stratus at the University of Florida or Wispy at Purdue University). The CloudBLAST VM is ready to work with the first version of Nimbus contextualization. Contextualization allows proper configuration of Hadoop and MPI automatically during the process of deploying the virtual cluster. The VM also contains sample execution scripts to run the same experiments shown in the paper published in eSicence.

A VM image only with Hadoop MapReduce configured was made available on the Science Cloud Marketplace (fc8-i386-nimbus-hadoop-cluster-001.gz).

More recently, the same ideas outlined in this work was implemented in Windows Azure and presented at SC10 by the Microsoft AzureBLAST research group.